Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Times change and so must we. After more than 10 years running our own little web hosting service,, Val and I are finally giving up the servers. The last paying client has migrated to her new host and for our own sites, we are leaving the self-hosted world and moving to hosted services -- like this one at

This move saves money; these days, we just don't need to pay for so much publishing power. Since I've left the web design business, the hosted CMS services provide for all our current publishing needs. The time is right to make the move.

So, you'll see visual changes in all the Kate-hosted sites -- including this one, and -- and you may even encounter some of the dreaded "under construction" pages as we move things around and customize templates over the next few months.

Regular NightNote sidebar features are still here at the right.

If you are looking for recipes from the original NightNote site, click here.

Thanks for your patience as we change.